About Katalyst Innovative Consulting Services (KICS) 

KICS is a consulting firm focused on helping organizations understand themselves through research, evaluation, and appropriate data use. KICS has worked with non-profit organizations and educational institutions to provide services including program and organization design/redesign, theory of change, logic modeling, and strategic planning. Clients KICS has worked with include IMHOTEP Science Academy @ The Science House North Carolina State University, Genes the Environment and Me (GEM) – NSF Project @ University of Washington. Organizations KICS has worked with most recently include Custom Evaluation Services, Inc., The Greensboro Police Department, MDC, Inc., The United Way of Chelan and Douglas Counties, MDC, Habitat for Humanity International, and SW Florida Community Foundation.

KICS is led by Dr. Karen T. Jackson, Principal Researcher and Evaluator. Dr. Jackson has a B.S. in Chemistry (1994) an M.Ed. in mathematics and curriculum and instruction (2004) from The University of Southern Mississippi and a Ph.D. in educational research and policy analysis (2014) from North Carolina State University. She has also been chosen as preferred evaluator by the Annie E. Casey Foundation Research, Evaluation, and Learning (REAL) Unit. She has successfully worked with inter-disciplinary teams to assist non-profit organizations with strategic planning, design, and using data to make meaningful policy decisions.

KICS Research & Advisory Team

Sylvia Burgess, Ph.D., Community Engagement & Cultural Competency Advisor

Dr. Forrest Toms, Ph.D., Community Engagement & Cultural Competency Advisor

Ms. Aimee White, Evaluation Advisor